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Hi all:

Using the notes you took and the comments you wrote after viewing The Truman Show, write a plot summary of the film.

You can write as much as you like but try to make it at least a 100 words.

See you..


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The Truman Show begins as a diolog between the director, Christoph, and cast members. The scene switches back and forth between this and Truman talking into his mirror. Truman then proceeds to go outside where a light fixture falls out of the sky. Other than this unusual event, the rest of Truman's journey to work seems normal. Truman gets to work and tries to find someone who he thinks lives on Fiji but is stopped by his boss and sent to a job site on the other side of the harbor. This is when the viewer is introduced to Truman's fear of crossing water and the scene turns to a flashback of the death of his father. The next day on the way to work, Truman sees a homeless man that looks stikingly similar to his father. He experienses a flashback once again that revelas that his life is actually a t.v show. Truman then begins to notice aspects of his life that are out of the ordinary. He notices that people seem to do the same thing every day and accidently sees the backstage of the production hidden behind and an elevator door. Truman starts to question his wife and everyone around him. After a failed attempt to escape from his town, Truman is reintroduced to his father and left by his wife. In one final effort to escape from the lies he has been living, Truman hides in his basement and escapes under the cover of night. He escapes to the harbor in his sail boat and after surviving a violent storm that nearly kills him, finds the exit to the massive film set that he has called home for the 30 years of his life.

The Truman show, in a nutshell is about Truman Burbank, a 30 year old man, who has lived his entire life as the star of a TV show that he is unaware about. Truman lives in a seemingly perfect town. Its a small town with perfect weather, that seems to run just as society does. However, it becomes evident that the entire town is one large set, and through the use of hidden cameras, every second of Truman's life is broadcast on global television. This is an extreme reality TV show. Truman's father dies in a freak boating accident when Truman is a young age(we later learn that this is to deter truman from wanting to leave the city.) Truman develops a great ear of bodies of water because of his father's death. In college, Truman meets a girl and falls in love. Her name is sylvia, but she's taken away because the producers/director dont want her in the show; she tries to tell Truman the truth about his life on television. Although Truman is :"happily "married, he is clearly still in love with Sylvia and pursues her throughout the movie, especially as he tries to follow her to Fiji. A series of critical mistakes by the cast, crew, and producers or the show lead Truman onto the fact that his reality may not be true. At first, a lighting structure falls from the ceiling of the complex, then he sees his dad as a homeless man in the street, then he notices the radio station as it tracks his whereabouts, then he sees the set behind an elevator, finally he picks up his wife's strange behavior, talking as if she's on a commercial(she is) and then calling for help as things get tense between them. Truman senses that somethings not right, more than if he were in a mid life crisis, so he escapes. After multiple attempts, this time he escapes the trace of the producers and gets to a boat at the harbor, with the intent to sail away from his hometown completely. The director, Christof nearly kill him in an attempt to thwart his effort to run away, but Truman finds the studio door and escapes his false reality to meet Sylvia and the true world.

The Truman Show was about a man named Truman Burbank living in a fake televised world of actors and fake scenarios. A man names Christof created this show from his birth until Truman figured out the world he was living in was not reality. Day by day, Truman experienced the same things over and over again until one day he began to feel empty. His father died in a boat accident when he was just a child which left his traumatized of the ocean. The desire to see his father again left Truman with the assumption that not everything around him was real. He began to notice that his wife Meryl would advertise products when no one but him was around, or better yet, he saw an elevator with a production set behind a wall when he walked into a new building. Little by little, Truman was putting the pieces together and concluded that he was living in an imaginary world. Truman tried to escape many times but the cast of the show always delayed his attempts to leave the "dome". The very last day living in the dome, Truman sailed a boat to escape and was caught off guard by a fake storm. He survived and found the end of the dome signaling freedom. He would soon reunite with his true life and have the chance to live a normal life. At the very end of the movie, Christof gave Truman the choice to stay but Truman's last and famous response to Christof was, "In case I don't see you, good morning, good afternoon, and goodnight. He slowly walked away from the only world he ever knew and stepped into reality.

The Truman show starred Truman Burbank, and many advertisements to keep this utopia running. There isn't a single true thing but Truman himself. He doesn't know that everyone else in the world are actors. After a long 30-ish years, he finds himself in a loop-hole, stuck in a world that was destined to be forever the same. He got tired of it, and ultimately unhappy. He didn't know what to look forward to anymore and didn't see the point of staying in the same town/island he's always been in. Eventually weird things started to happen, starting from his radio station, to the traffic in the streets, and the continuous repetition of the same people walking by. He started to question his own being and beliefs. He knew that he wanted to get out of the town despite his fear of the ocean. This man made fear, created by other humans to manipulate his mind was soon over run by the idea to escape the town. He somehow knew to escape very ninja-like, and make a hole in his closet. Although his wife left him, he still felt the need to adventure to a knew place. Being a human means that goals are forever there. He will not quit until he reaches his goal. However Christof does not understand why Truman doesn't want to live in this perfect world that he created. Humans are forever changing and challenging themselves. Trying to make themselves better, but if one is in a perfect place that is never changing, how can one grow? Truman was ready to grow, ready to adventure, and most importantly, ready to head to Fiji! ;)

Truman Burbank is the star of a reality show that runs 24/7 and began when Truman was born. He is unaware that he is in a reality show until strange events start occurring. The key incidents of the film start off when he first sees his dad who is supposed to be dead. The next key incident is when he goes into the elevator and sees what appears to be a movie set, which starts to put Truman into motion as he believes things are not as they seem. Then the rising action of the film happens as Truman tries to escape Seahaven; the fake town Truman lives in. As Truman attempts his escape everywhere he goes he is stopped and cannot escape. When Truman begins to figure out what is going on, the director of the Truman show, Christof, chooses to bring back Trumans father. Afterwards the climax of the movie happens as Truman escapes to during the night to the sea to get onto a boat. Initially the cast and crew look all over Seahaven for Truman but neglect to look at the sea. Once they see Truman on the sea they use high winds from a machine to capsize his boat. Truman nearly drowns; when he recovers he reaches the end of Seahaven and realizes Seahaven is encompassed inside of a dome. Christof then reaches out to Truman to try and keep him in Seahaven. The film ends when Truman says his famous motto "Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!" then leaves out of the exit of Seahaven. He probably is going to leave to Fiji to look for his potential lover Silvia.

The Truman Show is about a man named Truman Burbank who was picked when he was a baby to star in his own reality show, the only catch was that Truman himself was unaware of his participation. Truman's entire community is housed by actors, and he is completely unaware of it until the beginning of the movie. The movie takes place during Truman's adult life. As the movie unfolds the we realize that Truman's every move is being filmed and streamed live for the whole world to see. Slowly Truman begins to pick up on rare events that begin to hint to him that something is wrong. It starts off with something falling out of the sky, then his radio catches a transmission of a man dictating Truman's every move, afterward Truman almost walks into an elevator which instead of having a back has what looks like a movie set. All of these instances eventually lead to him becoming paranoid and very aware that the whole town seems to revolve around him, which causes stress on his "marriage" leading to his "wife" leaving him. One night Truman manages to sneak away and gets over his fear of water by attempting to sail away, despite Christof creating a fake storm Truman makes it to the end of the dome-shaped set, and walks out into the real world.

The Truman Show is about a man named, Truman Burbank, a twenty nine year old insurance salesman from the small, suburban Seahaven Island. He has a wife, Meryl, and a best friend, Marlon. He has a mother but lost his father years ago to a tragic boating accident. What he doesn’t know is that his entire life is fake. His town is a giant set with actors who go by scripts. Since before he was born, his life has been filmed 24/7 for a reality television show make up by a ruthless producer named Christof. Each pivotal moment of his life was pre-conceived, including the “death” of his father, which we learn was meant to make him afraid of traveling, thus keeping him confined to Seahaven. As he reaches his 30th birthday, he realizes that he has spent years doing the same routine, and decides that he wants change. His wish is to travel to Fiji, partly because he knows of few other places, and also because it is where he believes, Lauren, a former college crush lives. As he embarks on the journey to finally leave Seahaven, he notices that something is not right about his perfectly structured life. To test this theory, he decides to do things differently and when he does so, the whole town panics, trying to lock him in. Desperately trying to escape, he sails away, only to be nearly killed by a fake sea storm. Soon he reaches a fake wall where he notices a door and, after a conversation with Christof, decides to finally leave fake life.

Truman is a 30 year old man who appears to live a very normal life. He has a job selling insurance and a wife who he comes home to every day. What Truman doesn't know is that his entire life has been part of a TV show and the people around him are all actors playing important people in his life. One day Truman begins to question the things around him, from seeing his supposedly dead father on the street, to hearing his whereabouts on the radio. Truman becomes suspicious of the people around him and realizes that he is being watched. He goes to extreme measures and even tries to leave town, at one point dragging his wife with him. Several things begin to get in the way of him leaving and is eventually forced back into his home. Although his supposed best friend tries to convince him that everything is okay, he is able to try an escape one more time by discretely heading off to sea. The producer of the show tries to set weather barriers to guide him back but is unable to. He reaches the end of the movie set and the producer tries to convince him with his words to stay. In the end he opens the exit door to the set and walks out into the real world.

The Truman Show is about a 30- year old man named Truman Burbank who was raised from infancy to adulthood in front of television cameras. At Truman’s expense, his whole life is being exploited for the pure entertainment of others. Family and friends are basically actors in this extreme reality television show. At first, Truman’s life seems to be a normal one, until he begins to notice unusual patterns and odd behaviors from those around him. The entire town of Seahaven is one large set that is broadcasting every second of Truman’s life. At a young age, Truman’s father dies in boating accident but we soon learn that this occurred with the purpose of instilling a fear of water in Truman so he does not leave the island. Throughout his time in college, Truman falls in love with a girl named Sylvia but as he tries to pursue her, directors quickly take her away because they do not want her in the show. After multiple mistakes made by the cast, Truman senses something is wrong. The fact that he randomly sees his father as a homeless man in the street, an unusual light object falls from the ceiling, and a stranger happens to know his name all trigger intense confusion within Truman. He then attempts to escape several times and finally succeeds after nearly dying in a storm generated by Christof. Truman at last flees his false reality as T.V. star of his own show and enters the real world for the first time.

The Truman Show was a movie starring the main character, Truman Banker. He was a normal man living in Seahaven Island, or so he thought. Truman grew up oblivious to the fact that he was the star of a television show, “The Truman Show” where he lived, surrounded people that he thought were his family and friends that were just actors. Truman finally figures out that something is up when he notices his father, the one that was supposed to be dead from a boat accident, on the streets trying to contact him, only to be taken away by other people among the community. Truman begins to question his reality when he thinks back to certain events where he met a girl named Lauren (Sylvia) who tells him that he’s on a show, the elevator backdrop, his wife Meryl advertising products to a camera nowhere to be seen, people knowing who he is when he doesn’t know them, and constant routines over and over from people among town. Truman eventually figures a way to distract the producers and directors and sailing off to sea to leave to Fiji and ends up in a battle storm with Christof. With Truman’s will, he goes on and fights against everything to escape. Given the chance to live in the “perfect” world of Seahaven, Truman decides to live a life questionable out of the dome of Seahaven.

The Truman show is a movie depicting the life of the main character, Truman Burbank. From birth every moment of Truman’s life has been recorded and shown to the public audience. Truman has no knowledge that any of this is happening. Truman lives in Seahaven, an almost utopian society, where he goes through his day in a routinely matter. The people he cares the most about are his mother, Meryl his wife, and Marlon his best friend. While filming his life, the creator of the show, a man named Cristof has been scheming the moments that Truman would actually see as his real life. The death of his father left him emotionally scarred and gave him a phobia of crossing over water. The moment he met Lauren/Sylvia was the moment that pretty much changed his life. With her “so called father” saying that Lauren/Sylvia was moving to Fiji, Truman made it his life goal to one day leave Seahaven and find her. Though much changed since he had last seen her he manages to keep the remnants of her existence in his basement. “Happily” married he goes on through his daily life at the insurance company until one day he notices that the radio sporadically starts changing between the radio channels on his way to work. It curiously gets tuned to a radio station that suspiciously lands on a frequency that is monitoring every single movement he is making. From there on out, Truman starts noticing things that are out of place. He from there on starts to put together pieces and clues that begin to form the idea that something in his world isn’t right, and nothing in the world will stop him until he finds out the truth. This mentality leads him to finding out the loopholes in which the city has been built upon and tries to leave Seahaven for good. Once he actually figures things out he sets sail to leave Seahaven and when Cristof discovers what Truman is trying to do, he tries everything to get Truman to go back home, Despite his efforts, Truman pursued what he wanted to know he survived all the harsh weather Cristof threw at him and reached the end of the film set. Truman was able to talk to Cristof for the first time and then he was off to find out the truth about the real world.

The movie The Truman Show revolves around a mid-aged average looking man who is actually the star of his own reality TV, The Truman Show. Slowly throughout the movie every detail of his life is uncovered. First, Truman is followed 24/7 by cameras everywhere. He seems unaware that his life is being broadcasted to the world. However, it is then revealed that he is not always happy and joyful, as he appears to be. Even when the people surrounding him are his loved ones, he feels the need to travel to Fiji to find the girl of his dream, Silvia. Silvia is a girl he met back in his college days but because she almost spilled the secret about his reality show, she was pulled off the set. It is not until Truman is almost in his 30s that he realizes there is something fishy going on. He begins to see how people are following and doing things according to his act. This first occurred to him when he heard the radio transmitter giving a play by play of where he was going. Then when he tried to find a way to Fiji, the airplane, bus and roads were all blocked. The death of his dad was probably also set up just so Truman would be too scared of water to leave. It finally hit him when his wife, Meryl started talking to someone from above when he lost control and went crazy. Then his best friend Merlin appeared with his “dead” father, which made it all more confusing. That was when he finally put all his fears aside and set sail to Fiji. All was nighttime and the sea was calm until it suddenly went sunny just so broadcaster and producer, Christof, could find his star. Truman knew that the sudden storm and wind was all due to someone from above trying to control when. At last, when he finally had his chance to speak to Christof one on one, he knew he could not live in a world where everything was set up and placed for him. He had to move on and explore what was out there for him.

Truman Burbank was the first baby to ever be successfully adopted by a company thus creating around him a reality television show that captured his entire life. Since birth, Truman grew up in a controlled environment where absolutely everyone and everything was choreographed for him making him the only genuine person in this fake town. At a young age he witnessed his father drown in a tragic accident at sea and his fear of the water grew to such an extent that he never even dared to try to leave town. Unwanted characters and emotions, such as the love that Truman and Sylvia shared, called for immediate banishment from the set if it wasn't the story line that the producer was trying to create. Until his thirty years of age, Truman lived life unaware that he was part of something extraordinary. It wasn't until he began to notice bizarre situations such as a huge light falling from the sky, the car radio tracking his destination, a set behind an elevator, his wife addressing others when no one else was around and his supposedly dead father turning up as a bum, that he realized everything was not as it seemed. He gathered the courage to attempt an escape from town through the sea to find Sylvia who he had never truly forgotten. Christof, the producer of the show, nearly killed Truman in the middle of a fabricated storm but he made it out alive. After Christof dictated to Truman what his life was all about and tried to convince him to stay he still decided to leave the set and begin taking control of his own destiny out in the real world which he knew nothing about.

The Truman Show is about innocent Truman Burbank leading a regular life in a fake world. He is a star in a company's reality tv show that is shown around the world to advertise this company's products. He lives in an environment where everything is controlled by the director named, Kristof. Kristof was able to keep Truman on the island, called Seahaven, for 29 years by terrifying him of water at an early age. Truman "lost" his father to a storm while they were going on a trip with a boat. After this accident, Truman wasn't able to set foot on water until, 29 years later, he figured out that his whole life was a lie. It started when Truman was leaving for work and he saw a stage light fall from no where. He became suspicious through incidents like his father appearing as a homeless man on set or his wife advertising products to cameras that weren't visible to Truman. He, later, realized that this controlled island was all made up and schemingly found his way out of it. Before he left the dome, Kristof talked to him about what his life was all about and gave him the chance to continue his fake reality. He rejected the offer and set foot into the real world to experience it for himself.

The film was about a man named Truman Burbank, a star in a reality tv show. He has been on this show his whole life and he does not even know it. Millions of people around the world watch him on television. Everyone Truman knows is an actor who is paid to be apart of Truman's life. Truman's world is a sort of prison but he does not know it because he only believes what he knows to be true. His world is simulated and controlled by the creator. The reality show gets funded by having advertisements put into the show. Truman begins to notice that the world he lives in is not reality. Truman has been afraid of the sea because it killed his "father". Actors in Truman's world taught him not to become adventurous. Truman escapes at the end by sailing on a ship and almost killing himself. He hits the end of the dome and decides to walk through the exit. His search for truth and knowledge is complete and the the Truman show ends. Once he realized his life was faked and he was being watched, he began to question is his own self real. He wanted to leave his place because he also knew there was something out there he was missing. The movie makes you wonder if people are watching you, just like Truman was watched.

The Truman Show begins by showing Truman a seemingly perfect and "normal' life. Then the audience starts to see cracks when Truman goes down to his basement and he thinks of the tragic boat accident that his father died in and the his high school crush that told him that his entire life was a set up and that everyone is watching him. He then begins the cracks himself when his deceased father shows up as a hobo in the town of Seaside. He then begins to test his hypothesis and sees a T.V. show set up behind an elevator. He then goes through him and his wife's wedding pictures and sees that she is crossing her fingers. He presents this information to his friends and family, but they all tell him that he has gone crazy. He then tries to escape unsuccessfully because the producers of the show present obstacles like a nuclear meltdown. In some parts of the movie, they show the viewers of the Truman Show and his high school crush that he has been so desperately searching for. After his attempt at leaving, he goes down to the basement and make sit look like he fell asleep down there. The director then investigates and finds out that Truman is not sleeping, but he escaped the cameras and they send the town out to search for him. They find Truman on a boat (which they thought was seemingly impossibly for Truman because his "father" had died in the water). They send a storm to stop him, but he endures it and finds the wall to the dome he has lived in his 30 years of life. The director tries to convince him to stay by saying that this place was the best place for him. Truman gives his signature line then exits into the real world.

Truman Burbank, a middle-aged average man, has a pretty normal life. He wakes up, goes to work, and comes home to his best friend and wife everyday. But then weird things start to happen. He sees his dad on the streets who was originally presumed dead. Then he hears his whereabouts on the radio. His perfect reality comes crashing down when he pieces all these clues together. He starts to become suspicious of his reality, questioning all his relationships and interactions. He feels restrained by the constraints of his society, seeking to break free. Truman is, in fact, part of an elaborate reality show, all his actions filmed on camera for the world to see. The director and actors of the show try to the best of their ability to conceal the truth, which he inevitably finds out. Finally, he schemes a master plan to escape and in the end, succeeds.

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