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Write two paragraphs outlining the central notion you have gotten from our readings and discussions of consumer society.  This is a way of getting started on paper 1.

This is one way of saying: state the big general idea (foggy notion) that comes into your head when you think of the things we have read and discussed in the class so far about consumer society.

Develop the notion in two paragraphs.

If this doesn't make sense (notion and big foggy notion), don't worry.  Just write two paragraphs about the readings, viewings and discussions so far as you have understood them.

Hi all:

To get the ball rolling, write what you think might be the first two paragraphs of your paper 1.

Approach this writing as a rough draft.  These paragraphs may or may not appear in your final paper.

Post these paragraphs to the blog and be sure to bring hard copy to class.

Thank you.

Hi all:

As part of your preparation for paper 2, please write two or more full paragraphs giving your thoughts, reflections, response to the readings and discussion of children in consumer society.

Also bring hard copy of these writings to class for purposes of discussion.

Thank you.


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